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We operate with the philosophy that “there is no second chance to make a first impression” and this drives us to getting the project concluded in the best possible time and at the highest quality, while also implementing industry best practices in going about the business. Our employees have been trained and are well tailored to adhering to organizational rules, regulations and objectives as well as being tutored in the art of thinking on their feet and finding proactive measures to deal with minor on-site issues without total dependence on the head office. Over the years we have developed close working relationships with our clients through selfless service, dedication to duty and a “round the clock” service delivery systems that has endeared us to the client we have garnered over the years.



To offer unrivaled services at all aspects of the telecommunication support services value chain in Zambia and ensure projects are executed and closed efficiently..

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Brick and Cable Limited is a project management/ management consultancy telecommunications company consisting of teams of experts committed to rendering quality and time saving building and constructions services to clients in the West African/ Southern African sub-region. We have the requisite expertise for the building and deployment of cell sites for GSM networks (including Radio Frequency installations and testing, MW, RBS, BTS reticulation and integration, 3G and 3.5 G installations), VSAT installation and commissioning, civil construction (Towers, buildings, roads), electrical (including generator installation, D.C power swap outs) installation and commissioning. The West African telecommunications deployment industry is challenging and requires firm understanding of the terrain and the numerous factors that will militate against the timely completion of set goals and objectives in network design and implementation. We provide professional, qualitative and reliable services to our various clientele with a commitment to rendering the best possible service within the constraints laid before us. Our clientele cuts across a wide range of sector such as telecommunication companies, IT firms, Blue Chip companies, oil and gas sectors, banks (branch expansion and network configuration and set-up), individual and private businesses as well as corporate organizations.